How to Submit Aiou Assignments on Aaghi LMS Portal – Step by Step Process

Now, at this page we are describing the method of How to Submit Aiou Assignments on Aaghi LMS Portal by AIOU Aaghi Portal LMS, step by step with complete gaudiness. AIOU LMS Learning Management System is now introduce the procedure to upload Allama Iqbal Open University Assignments at for the students of FA, FSC, ICS, BCOM, BED, BA, BSC, MSC, MA, PHIL and Ph.D with autumn and spring semester programs.

Now there is a new method that is introduce by aiou that is best online facility to the whole trainee of AlOU in which everyone can check out the strategy that is made by education department. AIOU launched AIOU Online classes for national and international level Pakistanis and overseas children, it is the poorest method to reach the goals without any problem.The method of aiou assignment submission is given below.

AIOU always tries to do best for their students, therefore Allama Iqbal Open University bring new electronic method for the public as they can easily understand the whole process. If you want to check the procedure of aiou assignments writing by hand or by computer as learners have both choices in Microsoft word after completing their assignment, they can send their assignment by AIOU Aaghi Portal LMS.

Complete Steps – How to Submit Aiou Assignments on Aaghi LMS Portal?

If you do not have any idea about typing and you have hand written assignments then there is also another way to send their assignments by following procedure. It is also easy way and following steps are involved How to Submit Aiou Assignments on Aaghi LMS Portal.

  1. First of all you have to go on the official website of AIOU, log in button and enter the user name along password then your account will be open.
  2. My courses link will appear, click that link and choose your course that will be submitted the assignments of Aaghi portal. All guidance and help aaghi portal portal Learning Management System Online along uploading image provides all information about pdf file.
  3. Then click on Assignment link for submission, it is easiest way, just follow instruction that are appearing on your computer or cell phone screen.
  4. The next following page will be displayed and click on the Add Submissions button and
  5. After then click on the add submission button and following window is displayed  to him then chase him.
  6. Furthermore, another page will be appeared, click on the file icon following the appearances of another image below you can check. 
  7. After that click on button of uploading a file, please note that assignments are accepted in MS Word and pdf format.
  8. Handwritten assignment can be sent by scanning using professional scanner or mobile scanner application but there is another problem as this file cannot be exceeded 5MB so try to use optimum resolution for images.  
  9. In the end another page proceeds and press the save button to protect the assignments.
  10. Hence by following the above-described points, you can send your assignments either written by hand or through computer.

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